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02/21/06: "Falling In" from "Buried Days" is available for download at our myspace site.

02/19/06: "Buried Days" is now available for $4 including shipping or a trade. See the merch section for info. Distros are encouraged to get in touch. I am also looking for musicians in the Portland, Maine area to form a new band.

01/28/06: The new cd, "Buried Days" will be available in a couple of weeks. It includes four tracks for a total length of about thirty minutes and the best production on a Kurixis cd to date. Our old PO box address is no longer valid. Keep an eye out for a side project featuring members of Kurixis in 2006.

06/06/05: NEW MP3: An unmixed and unmastered track from the upcoming cd is available for download here. The show section has been updated.

04/30/05: I would like to welcome Alan to the band as our new rhythm guitarist. He is already well versed in all of our songs and will be playing live with us in the near future. The new cd is complete with the exception of vocals on two songs and mixing...some samples will be posted in the near future. We will be looking for shows from mid-late May onward. We have also silk screened a small run of t-shirts that will be available through the website and at shows. Check the merch section for more details.

01/29/05: We are going to be taking the next few months off to work on the new cd. We will be making another run of shirts and stickers in the near future. Keep an eye out for a possible new member and shows in the Spring.

12/21/04: Last Sunday we recorded scratch guitar and drum tracks for four new songs with Marc at Tsunami sound. Keep an eye out for mp3s in the near future.

10/30/04: We will be playing in Boston and New York in December...check the "shows" section for details. A possible show next month in Portland is also in the works. A review of the 3 song demo from the December 2004 issue of Metal Maniacs is posted under the Media section. I am going to be creating a new mailing list in the near future, so if you are interested in joining, please email me with "mailing list" as the subject. We will not clog your in box. We are finishing material for a full length to be recorded this winter. We will be regularly posting updates and mp3s on this page.

7/29/04: We will be playing the Boston's Dead 2 Year Anniversary show in Boston on 8/6/04. Check out the shows section for more info.

6/15/04: A show in Boston added to the shows section. Check back soon for more live dates.

2/23/04: The links, lyrics, and pics pages have all been updated. Both Petitioning the Cold and the new demo are also available through God Is Myth Records. For residents of Portland: WMPG, WCYY, and WTOS all have a copy of our demo if you wish to request a song (wmpg's Minor Chord Mayhem and Early Morning Madness programs are both recommended).

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