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2003 S/T Demo Reviews:

From Metal Maniacs December 2004:

"It's odd how this demo keeps reminding me of so many completely _dissimilar_ bands yet never really sounds quite like any of them, if that makes any sense. Maine's KURIXIS - birthed as one-man project Noir and now two members heavier - are onto something rather astonishing. KURIXIS maintain an influence that's equal parts grim Black Metal, Doom, Thrash and Death Metal and unify it all into a superbly natural tone. The band fluctuate from VENOM / CELTIC FROST harsh and rocked out to the gloom'n'doom style of bands like MORGION and early PARADISE LOST to melting passages reminiscent of PELICAN. If you dig the Southern Lord or Moribund catalogs or the aforementioned Thrash Gods, get this."

Petitioning the Cold Reviews:

By Andrew of Metal Union/Burst Command Til War Zine

"I've just been flattened. Sometimes I hear a CD and I can't think of anything bad, and you know what comes then. Then comes INTENSE METAL HAILS! Rob Cook and company bring their swords and armor on this one, and emerge from the battlefield not only victorious but completely unscathed. Imagine a mix of old-school death metal, melancholy and cold true black metal, and a speed metal influence. It brings to mind bands of old like VENOM, BATHORY, or NOKTURNEL, and adds DARKTHRONE or IMMORTAL to the mix. There are long songs, too. That's something black metal and extreme death metal bands don't usually have. Besides that, the songs are actually GOOD! Imagine that. I like every damn fuckin' moment on this disc, and I want everyone out there reading this to get off of their lasy asses, pick up a pen or turn to your email, and write Rob. NOW. This needs to be heard, this needs to be supported. Do your job as an underground metal freak!"

Reviewed by Manuel of Vampire Magazine

"As the cold ruthless winter that awaits us the next couple of month, it's great to own KURIXIS' new demo because it brings such moody black-metal with slight death/thrash-metal elements in it. Perfect for a walk in the walk the glimmering snow and frostbitten temperatures when the mind wanders elsewhere. "Petitioning the Cold" sure as hell resembles NIGHT CONQUERS DAY' "The First Snowfall". This is thanks to the similarity in the on-and-on repeating of the mid-tempo chords and the changes from vile black-metal chants to clean vocals. This last aspect is well performed on both the title-song 'Petitioning the cold' and 'Bereavement'. Some newer material from IMMORTAL - as being kings of the Northern winters - and older work from BLOODTHORN are also detected as reference, but in very small doses. As said, unfortunately the riffs are getting from time to time a bit weary. In spite of this comment it sure is pretty original stuff wrapped in some descent raw recordings. Minor detail: the cymbals should've come out better. Best material found on "Petitioning the Cold" is definitely 'Dominion' and 'Reliquary' for their aggressive raw black/thrash-metal! To conclude this review, KURIXIS is more for the black-metal audience than for the death-genre. Although it is a relatively slow - heck, what isn't these days - tempo throughout the CD, the variety in melody and total atmosphere has the power to take your mind elsewhere. This band it not to be compared with brothers such as JUDAS ISCARIOT, KRIEG and more of these American artillery black-metal bands, but the aggressiveness these bands share is being heard on their first CD."


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