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The first incarnation of Kurixis is embodied in the rough demo tapes of vocalist/guitarist Rob Cook’s former solo project, Noir. The “Manifestation” demo was recorded in the waning of the year 2000 in Portland, Maine and was distributed freely on the Internet and to various zines. Fall of 2001 witnessed the release of the “Solve Et Coagula” demo.

In February of 2002 drummer Matty joined the band and the name was changed to Kurixis. Matty’s former band mate Webi from the New York band the Dregs was enlisted as a bass player in the summer making Kurixis fully operational.

October had proven to be an auspicious month for Kurixis, seeing the 2002 release of six song demo/cd-r “Petitioning the Cold” which featured the talents and input of all three members. After a year of writing new material and playing shows in the Northeast, the band recorded a self titled three track demo at Tsunami Sound in 2003. Kurixis is currently looking for a reliable label or distro to assist them in spreading their vision of gloomy extreme metal.



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