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Deceptively soft undulating clusters of life,
Pregnant with wizened bones,
And the wild, feral promise of immorality,
Cloak the meandering hills,

The brittle corpse of an ancient,
Claws its way up from the neophytes,
Demanding recognition,
For an eternity witnessed,

The russet bleeding,
Through the coarse grass,
A testimate to a greater slaughter,
The sharp rocks piercing its body,
A eulogy to the lives that it drank,

A weary homogenous vacuum,
Of blue looks on,
With the helpless impotence,
Of Jehova.

The essence of vitality barracades,
Itself in amorphous mirrors,
Reflecting its forlorn Lord,
Silently mocking

Instilling phantom leaves with electric malice,
A banner of universes,
Unfurls across the blue void,
Heralding the approach of my god.


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