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7/25/02 Despite the fact that its been over three months since I've bothered to update this site, Kurixis has been extremely busy. Last week we began to record the drums for our upcoming self released full length and we only have one more song to go. Expect a much more professional (though self produced) recording than ever before. Everything sounds massive so far. The result is going to be very intense. In other news, Webby from Mattys old NY based band the Dreggs is officially our new bass player, and he is almost finished learning all of the songs. Any bands from the New England area that are interested in trading shows are encouraged to contact us; we should be fully operational as a live band in about a week. Hopefully the cd will be finished by early-mid August.

4/01/02 The Portland Maine based black/death metal project Noir has officially changed its name to Kurixis in light of the existence of about three other Noirs (some of which came into being after the project's inception) and to welcome drummer Matty to the band. We have been rehearsing both old and new material for an upcoming self released cd. The old Noir solo demo is still available through as a DAM cd, and mp3s are still available for download at the site. We may possibly play shows in the future, but completing the upcoming cd is the ultimate priority.



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