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Grubs chew the dead tissue all away
In time, before the skin turns to gray
Left behind, embrionic scars
Pink with new life, thrust from the heart
The old king languishes on his throne
Ancestors' red fingerprints on the stone
Faded vain struggles all to remain
Revered Father by a rusting sword slain

His decaying flesh draws successors like flies
The sword now sharp spilling his insides
Soul goaded out with a rattling sigh
Preserved in the victor's lungs for a lifetime to lie

Purdorabo, pigmenting flesh, shedding teeth
Carving the arch on my skin, looking beneath moving within
Purdorabo, a network of scars traces the path
A history not set on stone but upon flesh, brain and bone
Soot blackened dwarves of zephyr and earth, excavate a lidless eye
Their endeavors will never cease, despite protests and cries
Drawn with pinciers from your heart, it will soon emerge
This inevitable sleepless existence must be met with courage

All lyrics by Rob Cook, Copyright 2003



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