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Familiar scent, guide me a path, Through the light in her hair,
Grasping hands clutch at visions long projected from there,
Over earth infinite over souls lost in the sea,
A breath, whispered words blood draws blood back to me,

Skin touched by the flame, Writhing homecoming,
Explore the flesh, sheltered soul Your worlds fill me,
Drinking through my frantic touch, Drowning my longing,
Adrift in united winds, Mock their worlds folly

Moments exiled from the flow of time, But my hold only makes their loss more acute,
A child dead as it leaves the womb, I stare bleary-eyed as the blade falls,

Skin severed by the flame, Writhing withdrawing,
Naked flesh, captured soul, Knowing that this must be,
Grasp at shadows frantic touch, Screaming and calling,
I summon ashen ghosts cold arms around me.

I canít help but wonder if this portends,
more loathsome and dramatic ends,
God damn the fucking hour glass

Cast back to the past, frayed veins oblivious to the absence of bonds,
Our joys are bound to the pain of loss,
and the shadows it casts echoes on and on.

All lyrics by Rob Cook, Copyright 2000-2004


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